Expandable trailer- 

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An all-in-one solution – an expandable space with its own wheels. You’ll get a great amount of freedom and movability with the Expandable trailer. The only thing you need is a regular truck or a low-deck one and you can take your trailer anywhere! Today, we take a closer look at the Expandable trailer – the largest Expandable to date.

Meet the Expandable trailer

The trailer distinguishes itself from other Expandables and other alternatives in its sheer size – both as a final product and on the road. While fully compressed, the trailer looks just like any trailer (only more beautiful, if you ask us); but when it is fully set up, you’ll marvel at the space that is now available to you.

Once set up, the Expandable trailer rests upon four sturdy hydraulic legs that bear its weight and divide it equally, providing a potent foundation for all kinds of activities. That’s the thing that separates Expandables from other mobile solutions – once you have it set up, you just don’t feel like you are in a trailer anymore. That’s exactly what a movable space should look and feel like! With a total length of 13.6 meters and a flat surface area of 62 m2, the Expandable Trailer makes you forget you are in a mobile space.

  • Easy and fast setup – just 15 minutes for a single person!
  • Hydraulic extendable platform at the rear of the trailer (easy accessible inviting entrance) as well as removable stairs for the longitudinal side
  • Our trailer can be transported to any desired location by either a normal or a low-deck truck
  • Standard modular design with customizable options: glass side panels, single/double hinged door(s), electric door(s), harmonica doors

How to set up Expandable trailer

How to set up the Expandable trailer

A handy hydraulic system, remotely controlled, guarantees an easy setup at the touch of a button. Well, not exactly one, but just a few nonetheless. How do you go about doing so? Check these handy steps below!

  • Step 1: park your trailer at a secure location. Make sure you deploy the trailer on stable ground. A level surface is nice but not necessary (more on that later).
  • Step 2: lift the trailer with its four wirelessly controlled hydraulic cylinders.
  • Step 3: when the trailer is completely free, you can safely drive the truck out from under it.
  • Step 4: now you can lower the trailer onto the ground using the hydraulic cylinders, which double as an automatic leveling mechanism.
  • Step 5: using the same remote controller used for the cylinders, expand both longitudinal sides and their respective floor panels.
  • Step 6: finally, you can extend the rear platform and secure the removable stairs securely in place.

How about you?

Every Expandable trailer is nothing more than your vision and wishes personified. We can only offer you the trailer, and therefore the tools to make work of what you want to achieve. Expandable is happy to extend a helping hand.

Check out our configuration page to see examples of all the various options we have to offer.

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