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Expandable container

Space is at a premium pretty much everywhere. You need it to properly show your business and what you do. Maybe you need to work on-site and want to make sure you have all the right tools at your disposal. Expandable allows you to take matters into your own hands. No longer are you at the mercy of crappy foldout tables with ditto chairs and bleak lighting that makes hospitals look welcoming in comparison. Today, we take a closer look at the Expandable container and its features.

Meet the Expandable container

With Expandable, meticulously furnished rooms are no longer bound to their location just because they happen to be between four concrete walls. Take your experience on the road and do what you always do, not restricted by location. Visit fairs and exhibitions with the confidence that your company can be the best version it can be.

What makes the container different from other models is that it isn’t bound to a specific vehicle. It can be put on any normal truck, secured with four twist locks and lashing straps. Don’t let its compactness fool you though – that dissipates as soon as the container is fully expanded. The Expandable container comes in three sizes: 25 feet (7,6 meters), 30 feet (9,1 meters), and 44 feet (13,4 meters). When fully expanded, the number of square meters more than doubles. Within a mere 20 minutes, the Expandable container turns from cargo load into a full-fledged room. Truly, this is the definition of movable spaces.

How to set up the Expandable container

You might wonder how a container goes from a semi-trailer to a stationary position on the ground – and back. No, you don’t need a crane. All you need to do is follow this six-step procedure to set up the Expandable container. You don’t need anything else: just your trailer, our container, and one human being to control the process. Let’s jump in!

  • Step 1: park your trailer at a secure location. Make sure you deploy the container on stable ground. A level surface is nice but not necessary (more on that later).
  • Step 2: lift the container with its four wirelessly controlled hydraulic cylinders.
  • Step 3: when the container is completely free, you can safely drive the trailer out from under it.
  • Step 4: now you can lower the container onto the ground using the hydraulic cylinders, which double as an automatic leveling mechanism.
  • Step 5: turn the collapsible cylinders 90 degrees and slide them under the container.
  • Step 6: using the same remote controller used for the cylinders, expand one or both longitudinal sides and their respective floor panels.

How about you?

Each container is just a glass wall with two sliding doors away from an attractive and representative exhibition room. Being fully customizable, Expandable containers are not limited by options but just by the boundaries of your imagination. We offer the tools – it’s up to you how you use them.

Check out our configuration page to see examples of all the various options we have to offer.


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