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How to create a successful roadshow

How can you let potential clients or prospects know what your company is all about – or, while you’re at it, introduce existing customers to new services? You can accomplish this by organizing a roadshow, but how? In this article, we have valuable tips on how to organize a successful roadshow.

What is a roadshow?

A roadshow takes your company and all you have to offer on the road. It is a series of marketing events that take place over a specific duration, relocating every couple of days. A roadshow trailer helps you to directly reach your audience with your product or service. 

Given that little space is needed, a roadshow is a very flexible tool for marketing purposes. Companies report a shorter sales cycle when compared to traditional road shows. Furthermore, roadshows are great for building brand awareness.

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Meet You Target Audience's Needs!

A few roadshow event ideas

Organizing a roadshow might be very beneficial, but to what purpose? Here are the most common applications that roadshows are often used for.

Product launch

Is there a better way to showcase a new product than to show it directly to prospects? In order to incentivize people to show up, a unique location like a promotional trailer is half the battle.

Informative lunch meeting

Providing a catered meal is a good way to break the proverbial ice; as well as a good way to combine your presentation with a necessary part of everyone’s day.

Instructional or product training

Not only showing a new product but simultaneously offering face-to-face training could convince prospects of your added value more easily.

Single-day sales event

A single-day session in order to get in touch with local salespersons to promote new or existing products. The potential audience is very wide, so make sure you have a predetermined agenda to narrow it down. An event trailer is perfect for this.

Customer hospitality

A casual meeting could result in promising opportunities, whether your goal is to fortify relationships with current clients or to draw new ones.

Mobile exhibition

Allows you to target a specific audience by catering to their needs using certain products or items. For example, check out our exhibition trailer.

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Let us help you achieve your goals

As they say, good preparation is half the battle. Knowing what you want to do, where you want to do it, and how you want to achieve it are important answers to have. 

Besides offering you these tips, we can offer you something else – a unique product and the know-how to help deploy it to succeed at your goals. 

Our products are used for roadshows for a variety of reasons: compactness, ease of use, low entry, and targeted marketing. 

What are your company's goals? Please contact us so we can assist you.


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