Expandable Hybrid HY-3010

Window specification
Entrance door
Electric sliding door

Unique specifications

  • Expandable hybrid fifth wheel height 95 centimeter
  • Premium glass
  • Electric sliding doors
  • Double hinged doors front entrance
  • Premium glass front and back sliding part
  • Easy and safe entrance on ground level
  • Standard window frame frontside without entrance
  • From 232,88 per day


Product details


The Expandable Hybrid is specially designed for use in situations where a low step height is required. Once detached and installed, the chassis is only 35 cm off the ground. Equipped with a glass wall and sliding doors, it provides a transparent and easily accessible space. Features of both the Expandable Trailer and the Expandable Container are incorporated into the design of the hybrid.

The Expandable Hybrid combines the best of both worlds. Easy and fast set up, movable with conventional trucks, and the possibility to move this Expandable trailer vertically to ground level. Giving the hybrid ultimate accessibility, installed in just a few minutes. Expandable trailers are perfect for use in a wide range of applications.