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Race trailer – customize it to your needs

At Expandable, we understand the importance of sharing your brand’s message. That is exactly why we have created the Expandable race trailer. Our mobile trailers are extremely fast to set up. Their loading capacity is similar to that of conventional trailers, and they are compatible with big and conventional trucks.

Next to that, the Expandable carries a sleek design that lowers to provide easy access and comes at half the price of our competitors’ trailers. Making it the most affordable alternative in the sports trailer industry.

The trailer has a flat surface area of 65 m2 when fully set up as well as 165 m3 of free space. You can furnish it to your preferences, towards what you are trying to achieve. We are able to deliver your new event trailer in only 2 months’ time. This lead time is unprecedented in this sector!

Transport, hospitality, and workshop in one

Everyone in the racing business will tell you that the race itself is a piece of a larger puzzle. A large piece, mind you, but not one that can exist without the others.

  • Inviting to guests, your team, and your drivers
  • Transport to and from the race event
  • Workshop for maintenance and repairs
  • An eye-catching solution sponsors wouldn't mind being featured on

The best race trailers combine all of this into one compact, all-in-one solution. The Expandable racing trailer perfectly fits this list of demands. For the full racing experience, also look into the race support trailer and the motocross trailer.

Race Trailer

Advantages of a race trailer

One of the major advantages of using a race trailer at racing events is the increased durability and weather resistance it offers. Unlike tents, which can be easily damaged by wind, rain, or other weather conditions, race trailers are built to withstand the elements. Having air conditioning means that no matter the outside temperature, you can keep the temperature indoors at a nice and steady climate.

Expandable race trailers are a more reliable and secure option for transporting and storing equipment and supplies at outdoor events. Race trailers typically offer more storage space and improved visibility, making them a convenient and effective choice for many racing businesses.

Race trailer for sale at Expandable

If you are in the market for a temporary trailer, our vehicles are also for hire for periods between one weekend and over 3 months.

Are you interested in an Expandable trailer or do you have any questions? Please contact us, so we can provide you with the information you need. Or take a look at our references to get inspired for your own race trailer.

Expandable race trailer car display

Expandable race trailer

Combine hospitality and transport