Race Support Trailer

Race Support Trailer – the ultimate tool for your team

A mobile workshop, a hospitality area, and a place to rest in one. Usually, solutions like that are either too expensive or stationary. The Expandable Race Support trailer proves such a solution can be both valuable and movable. We carry the best sports trailers the industry has to offer.

The Race Support trailer is the ultimate tool for your next race event. Not only benefiting your sports team, but also your organization. If you are a motocross team, look into the motocross trailer instead.

As race events attract many visitors, they are the ideal platform to increase name or brand awareness. Moreover, our trailers enable you to invite guests and have them watch the race while enjoying a drink. What better way to work on your customer relationships?

The benefits of a race support trailer

A race support trailer is a specialized type of trailer that is designed to provide support for racing teams and their vehicles. Some advantages of a race support trailer include:

  • A convenient and organized way to transport – things such as racing equipment and supplies, such as tires, tools, and spare parts.
  • Specialized features – such as work benches and storage compartments that make it easy to work on racing vehicles while on the road.
  • Lightweight and easy to move – making them ideal for use with smaller vehicles.
  • Compact and easy to store when not in use – this saves space and makes it convenient to use.

Overall, a race support trailer can be a valuable asset for any racing team, providing a convenient and organized way to transport equipment and supplies, and allowing teams to work on their vehicles while on the road.

Race Support Trailer for sale

We manufacture trailers that are fully customizable and can be tailored to meet all your needs, interior and exterior. This provides you with a top-notch solution to promote your organization. Guaranteeing your guests an experience to remember while you strengthen your corporate identity.

Our Expandables are designed with ease of mind taken to heart. All of our trailers can be set up in a couple of minutes by only one person and a few presses of a button. Enabling you to move your complete setup easily from track to track.

The Race Support Trailer carries interchangeable walls and can be lowered to ground level. Providing easy access to your guests and team and turning it into an open and inviting space.

The Expandable trailer has a flat walking surface of 65m2 with 165m3 of free space, to be outfitted as you see fit. Moreover, our trailers are compatible with all conventional trucks.

Not to forget, we offer the most affordable prices and are considered to be the cheapest supplier within the mobile trailer industry. Our trailers come at half the prices of our competitors’ trailers.


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Race Support Trailer

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