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Want to raise awareness? Showcase new products? Or are you planning on launching a marketing campaign? Promotional trailers are trailers tailored to any sort of promotional purposes. The trailer serves as a mobile marketing tool that completely replaces the generic exhibition stand.

Customize the promotional trailer with a brand name, logo and/or other affiliation to your promotional project and increase your brand awareness. Furthermore, the mobile properties of promotional trailers enable you to support your promotional activities before, during and after any event.

Promotional trailers for sale at Expandable

If you are looking for promotional trailers, our Expandable trailers are the golden choice when it comes to promoting your brand, whenever and wherever you want.

With their unique modern design, Expandable trailers are set up in only a couple of minutes with only the press of a button. In addition, the vehicle can be easily installed by only one individual. Making it an excellent promotional trailer for use at a fair or event.

The walls of the Expandable are interchangeable and allow for complete customization. In addition, they can be used for personal branding purposes. The trailer can expand up to 165 m3 in loading capacity (similar to conventional trailers) with a flat surface of 65 m2. The flat space can be lowered for improved accessibility and can be furnished to meet your preferences.

Expandable promotional trailers are the heart of any marketing campaign and enable your company to connect with existing audiences, eventually converting them into new customers. By investing in an expandable trailer, you will experience an increase in the revenue of your marketing efforts, especially since our trailers go for half the costs of traditional event trailers.

Expand your brand with our promotional trailers!

Expandable manufactures first-rate trailers suitable for any environment or marketing project. We understand the importance of mobility and the relationship with your current and future customers. That is why we offer the most affordable prices in the promotional trailers industry.

Still not convinced? Try renting one of our trailers and transform it into a promotional trailer for your next big event.

Are you interested in event trailers or do you have any questions? Please contact us, so we can provide you with the information you need.

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Expandable promotional trailers

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