Promotional Trailers expand your brand

Want to raise awareness? Showcase new products? Or are you planning on launching a marketing campaign? Promotional trailers are trailers tailored to any sort of promotional purpose.

The trailer serves as a mobile marketing tool that completely replaces the generic exhibition stand. Customize the promotional trailer with a brand name, logo, and other promotional elements to increase your brand awareness.

The mobility of promotional trailers enables you to support your promotional activities before, during, and after any event.

Promotional trailers for sale at Expandable

Are you looking for promotional trailers? Our Expandable trailers are the top choice when it comes to promoting your brand, whenever and wherever you want.

Expandable trailers have a unique and modern design. This allows them to be set up in only a couple of minutes at the press of a button. The trailer can be easily installed by a single person. This makes it an excellent promotional trailer for use at a fair or event.

The walls of the Expandable allow for complete customization. In addition, they can be used for personal branding purposes. The trailer has a flat surface area of 65m2. This can be expanded up to 165 m3 in loading capacity, similar to conventional trailers.

The flat space can be lowered and is easily accessible. It can further be furnished to meet your preferences.

Expandable promotional trailers are the heart of any marketing campaign. They allow you to connect with existing audiences, eventually converting them into new customers. Invest in an Expandable trailer at half the cost of traditional event trailers. The profits of your marketing efforts will increase!

Promotional trailer

Promotional trailers show how unique you are

Imagine the Mona Lisa – the most famous painting in the world. When you think of this painting, you are probably thinking of the Louvre. Safe behind bulletproof glass, encased in a frame worth more than your mortgage, and flanked by security guards. Not to mention the long line of tourists in front of it.

Impressive! Now imagine the Mona Lisa without all that. It has got a cheap dollar-store frame and it’s lying on top of a smelly dumpster. Or even just a picture in a magazine. How much of her former grandeur remains?

What we're saying is that framing matters. No matter how great the thing you’re trying to show is, its perceived value is directly related to the presentation. Treat your products like every single one of them is as important as the Mona Lisa – because, to you, they are. And, with proper care and attention, you can give them the attention they deserve. 

Expand your brand with our promotional trailers!

Expandable manufactures quality trailers for any location or marketing project. Being mobile is important, as well as your relationship with current and future customers. That is why we offer the most affordable prices in the promotional trailers industry.

Still not convinced? Try renting one of our trailers and transform it into a promotional trailer for your next big event or exhibition.

Are you interested in event trailers or do you have any questions? Please contact us, so we can provide you with the information you need.


Expandable promotional trailers

Perfect to expand your brand.

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