Expandable Container 30ft EA915

Expandable container 30ft

Space is at a premium – you need it to present your business, to work on-site, for demonstrations, or for hospitality. Whatever it is, you need a flexible solution to fit your needs. How about you create your own personalized mobile space? Meet the Expandable container 30 ft.

I want to design my own!

Expandable Container compact during transportation, spacious after set up

The 30 feet Expandable container combines a compact transportable exterior with both ample cargo space (during transport) and a spacious flat surface area when fully set up. Having a highly customizable concept, the Expandable container can be outfitted to meet your every need.

The container is especially useful for product demonstrations because of its small shape and cargo space during transport.

A fully customizable container

You can fully customize the container, both inside and out, to meet your requirements. This makes the Expandable container easily deployable at any given location, whether it be an exhibition or roadshow. Check our configuration page to see examples of different windows and entrance possibilities.


Mobile container

Construction and possibilities

Expandable is known for its conceptual designs. Select one or more of our wide range of options for easy customization of your trailer. All trailers can be quickly set up, in less than 20 minutes, by one single person.



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Key features

  • Width (in): 8’6”
  • Width: (expanded): 16’1”
  • Set-up time: 15 minutes (1 person)
  • Highly customizable design
  • Flat surface area (in): 205 ft2
  • Flat surface area (expanded): 452 ft2

Space when and where you need it

The Expandable Container is small while not in use, but when extended, it has a flat surface area of 452 ft2 – more than double its size when retracted. The container can be transported quickly and safely by a regular truck thanks to the four twist locks that are part of the chassis. With the aid of remotely operated hydraulic cylinders, the Expandable Container 30ft can be lowered as it is being set up. Once the longitudinal sides have been expanded, the cylinders can be easily positioned out of sight, flat on the ground. With a step height of only 26 cm, the container can be accessed in a safe and easy manner without the need for stairs.

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Specs & download

Interieur of Expandable Container

Expandable container

Highly versatile mobile space

container interieur Expandable Trailers

Expandable container

Highly versatile mobile space