Expandable Container 44ft EA1360

Expandable 44 feet container

Movable spaces

Space is at a premium – you need it to present your business, to work on-site, for demonstrations, or for hospitality. Whatever it is, you need a flexible solution to fit your needs. How about you create your own personalized mobile space? Meet the Expandable container.

The 44 feet Expandable container is the largest container we have to offer; ideal for when you need a large but flexible solution. But make no mistake: this container’s impressive surface area: 301 square feet when retracted, and 667 square feet when fully set up.

This container is especially appropriate for larger gatherings, meetings, or demonstrations because of its flat surface area.

Compact during transport, spacious after setup

With a flat surface area of 667 ft2, the Expandable 44ft Container is our biggest container. It makes you forget you are in a mobile space! Despite all that, being equipped with a full automatic self-leveling feature, this container is operational within just 15 minutes. Four twist locks attached to the chassis make for quick and safe transportation. After being set up with its wirelessly operated hydraulic cylinders, these are positioned flat and out of sight on the ground. The container may be accessed safely and easily without steps thanks to its 26 cm step height.

Expandable container meets all your needs

The container is fully customizable and can be attuned to meet all your needs. For example, equip the container with a glass wall and sliding doors to transform it into an inviting and representative mobile showroom. With a step height of only 33 cm, the container can be accessed in a safe and easy way without the need of stairs. Please check our configuration page to see examples of different windows and entrance possibilities.

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Construction and possibilities

Expandable is known for its conceptual designs. Select one or more of our wide range of options for easy customization of your trailer. All trailers can be quickly set up, in less than 20 minutes, by one single person.

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Expandable Container 44ft EA1360

Expandable container

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