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With an Expandable movie set trailer, you can move your movie set easily from scenery to scenery. Whether you are filming in the mountains, in the city, or at the sea, an Expandable trailer provides your crew with a comfortable place to work, right behind where the action takes place.

An expandable movie set trailer is a specialized type of trailer that is designed to be used on a film set. These trailers provide more space for crew members, actors, and equipment. They also include lighting, electricity, and temperature control.

Expandable movie set trailers can be moved to different locations and set up quickly, allowing for flexibility and efficiency in film production. They provide a practical and comfortable workspace for crew members and actors alike.

Movie set trailer for sale at Expandable

Our Expandable trailers can easily be transformed into movie set trailers. The Expandable movie set trailers have the same loading capacity as conventional trailers (165m³) and can provide working space for up to 70 people, depending on your personal preferences.

In addition, our movie set trailers can be set up within a couple of minutes. The trailer can be placed at the desired location by one individual, simply with one press on the button of the remote control.

At Expandable we understand that movie productions come hand in hand with high operating costs. Therefore, we attach great importance to affordability, our Expandables come at half of the price of our competitors’ trailers. Compared to other solutions with the same standards, we’re giving competitors a run for their money.

Furthermore, our trailers include the following:

  • A sleek design
  • A flat surface walking area of 65m²
  • Compatibility with big and conventional trucks
  • Heating and cooling
  • And much more!

If this trailer is too big for your production, the Expandable container (33m²) or hybrid trailer (53m²) might be better suited for you.

A movie set trailer featuring an expandable design, providing ample space and facilities for film production.

Get on set with Expandable

Would your upcoming project benefit from a movie set trailer? Choose Expandable. Next to purchasing, we also offer the possibility to rent a movie set trailer for any period longer than 3 months.

All of our Expandables are carefully crafted in the Netherlands and we offer rapid assembly times. Our optimized production process allows your customized film set trailer to be on the road within only 2 months.

Our trailers are widely applicable for other purposes in the movie industry. You might also want to consider our wardrobe trailers or make-up and hair trailers.

If you want to see a movie set trailer for yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can give you the necessary information – or set a date for a visit.

Expandable Trailer with double stairs

Movie set trailer

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