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Mobile workshop – quick and on the move

Having the right tools available to you at the right moment is crucial in some disciplines. You need a reliable way to work wherever there is work to be done. Whether you are a motor mechanic traveling with a motorsport team, or an on-call service for repairs, you need to be quick and mobile. This is where the Expandable mobile workshop comes in.

What is a mobile workshop?

A mobile workshop has all the tools and equipment to perform a variety of tasks. You can use it for vehicle repairs, construction work, and other on-site services. Mobile workshops are often designed to be compact and efficient so that they can be easily transported to different locations as needed.

Expandable offers containers, trailers, and hybrid trailers that can be outfitted with a workbench, power tools, and other equipment. All of these can easily be moved to different locations. Potential applications include vehicle repair (like a motocross trailer) or on-site services (like the race trailer).

How to buy a mobile workshop

Expandable provides an affordable solution if you are looking for a mobile workshop. We offer a custom mobile workshop, built from modular parts to suit your particular needs. Our design is such that we can easily incorporate your wishes into the final product. We build according to your standards, not the other way around.

Being highly customizable is one of the key features of our products. Other characteristics are movability, easy set-up, affordable, and with short delivery time.

Autocraft mobile workplace

Mobile workshop features

There is no standard mobile workshop. Instead, we strive to deliver one that fits your needs. While the list below is hardly comprehensive, it does give a decent idea of what we are all about.

  • Easily set up: 15 minutes for one person
  • Highly transportable: it is compatible with most standard trucks
  • Equipped with all necessary tools
  • Custom mobile workshop to fit your needs
  • Plenty of storage space, both on the road and on-site
  • A safe working environment, wherever you are

Make sure you are never caught unaware. Prepare yourself for every plausible situation and stay ahead of your competition. Decent materials are half the battle.

Let us get to know you

Expandable mobile workshops are manufactured in Eersel, the Netherlands. We work with a modular design to ensure a quick delivery; we strive to deliver your trailer three months after the go-signal. If you want to know more about our products or our method of operation, please contact us and we are happy to help you.

An expandable trailer at an race, showcasing its versatility for hosting various types of races en sports

Expandable Mobile workshop

A reliable way to work whenever there is work to be done.

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