Mobile showroom

Mobile showroom

Looking for a mobile showroom as a different way to approach custumers? To allow them to learn about your product in a unique way and boost customer experience? To be able to put up your showroom at any location, whether it be a trade show, sports match, fair or what have you? A mobile showroom gives you the opportunity to meet your customers wherever you want. To wow them with a unique product presentation and give them the opportunity to test the product at a location most convenient to you.

In this world that is becoming ever more digitized, with people increasingly buying their products online, consumers are looking for an experience to get a better feel about a product or brand. What better way to meet their needs than by giving them a real-life experience in a mobile showroom? And what’s more, you get to meet even more potential customers than ever before when going on the road with a moveable showroom.

Mobile showroom trailer for sale at Expandable

Our Expandable trailers can be fully customized into a mobile showroom to best present your products, whether it be cars, computers, printers, machinery, etc. Turning it into your company’s showpiece, attracting the attention of potential customers and alluring them into buying.

Our Expandable showroom trailers come with a similar loading capacity as conventional trailers (165m³) and are only half the price of our competitor’s trailers.

In addition, our expandable trailers are known for their:

  • Extremely fast set-up times
  • A flat surface area of 65m²
  • Interchangeable walls
  • Sleek design
  • Compatibility with big and conventional trucks

Why Expandable?

Expandable is specialized and experienced in selling the best mobile showroom trailers/containers on the market. Located in Eersel, at Meerheide 25, The Netherlands, we are passionate about our products, thus ensuring you supreme quality levels.

We offer the most affordable prices and are considered the cheapest provider in the mobile trailer industry. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want some additional information about a showroom trailer.

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Expandable race trailer car display

Once installed and extended, the volume practically doubles in size!