Mobile showroom

Mobile Showroom – show them what you've got

Are you looking for a mobile showroom as a different way to approach customers? To inform people about your product in a unique way and boost customer experience? To deploy your showroom at any location, whether it be a trade show, sports match, fair, or what have you?

A mobile showroom gives you the opportunity to meet your customers wherever you want. Wow them with a unique product presentation and give them the opportunity to test the product at the most convenient location!

More and more people buy their products online. In an increasingly digital world, consumers are looking to get a better feel about what they buy. A physical experience in a mobile showroom or mobile pop-up store is the best way to meet their needs. Go on the road with a moveable showroom or a mobile retail store and meet even more potential customers.

Advantages of a mobile showroom

An Expandable mobile showroom can be easily transported to different locations. This allows a company to showcase its products to a wider audience. That can be especially useful for difficult or expensive to transport products like large pieces of furniture or expensive vehicles.

An expandable mobile showroom can be quickly and easily set up at a new location. This drastically reduces the amount of time and effort required to organize a sales event or exhibition. Also, an expandable mobile showroom can provide a flexible space for displaying products.

Mobile showroom

Mobile showroom trailer for sale at Expandable

Our Expandable trailers can be fully customized into a mobile showroom to best present your products. Whether it be cars, computers, printers, machinery, or what have you, give it the attention it deserves. Turn it into your company’s showpiece! Attract the attention of potential customers and convince them why they need one (or more).

Expandable showroom trailers have a loading capacity of 165m³, which is similar to conventional trucks. In the meantime, it's only half the price of our competitor’s trailers. Here are some other key USPs of our Expandable products.

  • Extremely fast set-up times
  • A flat surface area of 65m²
  • Modular wall panels
  • Sleek design
  • Compatible with big and conventional trucks

Why Expandable?

Expandable is specialized and experienced in selling the best mobile showroom trailers and containers on the market. Located in Eersel, at Meerheide 25, The Netherlands, we are passionate about our products, thus ensuring you supreme quality levels.

We offer the most affordable prices and are considered the cheapest provider in the mobile trailer industry. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want some additional information about a showroom trailer.

Expandable race trailer car display

Once installed and extended, the volume practically doubles in size!

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