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Mobile restroom trailers

Comfort whenever you need it 

Looking for mobile restrooms that are easy to use and keep clean? At Expandable, we offer a variety of trailers you can use as a mobile restroom trailer. Whether you're hosting an outdoor event or need restrooms for your employees on a job site. Maybe you want a touch of luxury on the go.

The movable restroom from Expandable have got you covered.

Our modular Restroom Trailer Interior Design

The appearance and functionality of mobile restrooms are of paramount importance. That's why we take great care in how our modular restroom trailers are designed for simple and practical use. These trailers provide ample room for your comfort and feature fixtures that are user-friendly.

For an extra option, we've included an air conditioning option to ensure your comfort. We have many choices for the inside, so you can pick the one that fits what you like and need.

At Expandable, we understand that the way a restroom looks and functions can greatly impact your experience. Every aspect of our design reflects our commitment to delivering mobile restrooms that are easy to use and comfortable. From spacious interiors to user-friendly fixtures and climate control, we've thought of every detail to enhance your comfort.

Moreover, our wide range of interior options means you can customize your restroom experience to your liking. Your satisfaction and convenience are our top priorities.

Restroom Trailers for Outdoor Working Employees

If you work outdoors, you need a restroom that's easy to use and keeps you clean. Our portable restroom solutions are tough and can go wherever you need them. They come with everything you need to stay clean and comfortable, even in places that are far from regular bathrooms.

Restroom Trailers for Parties and Events

Planning an outdoor party or event? Make sure your guests have a comfortable restroom to use. Our restroom trailers are not only easy to use but also look nice. We design them to match the theme of your event, so your guests won't have to endure uncomfortable portable toilets.

A mobile restroom trailer

An Accessible Restroom Trailer, Everywhere You Go

We believe everyone should have access to clean and easy-to-use restrooms. That's why we offer the opportunity to create restroom trailers that are easy to get into and use, no matter your abilities. It's important to us that everyone can use a clean and comfortable restroom.

VIP Restroom Trailers Full of Luxury

For those who want something extra special, our VIP restroom trailers are perfect. These trailers come with nice things like fancy interiors, fixtures that are easy to use, and air conditioning. Make your restroom experience feel like a luxury, no matter where you are.

Other Hygiene-Related Solutions

We offer more than just restrooms. We have things like sinks for washing your hands and supplies to keep things clean. We want to make sure you have everything you need to stay clean and safe.

At Expandable, we're here to provide you with easy-to-use mobile restroom solutions that fit your needs. We know that it's important to stay comfortable and clean, even when you're on the move. Contact us today to learn more about what we have and find the mobile restroom solution that's right for you.

Experience comfort and convenience with Expandable: Your trusteds mobile restroom solution provider. We also have different kind of trailers like the mobile kitchen trailer, ideal for the next party or event.

Expandable Trailers

Use as a mobile Restroom trailer

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