Immersive room

Immersive room – from imagination to reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are rearing their heads. While it may seem like a distant future, these technologies are quickly embedding themselves in our daily lives. Praised for their immersive capabilities, VR and AR are techniques to go beyond the limitations of the physical world. The so-called immersive room is a practical way to use these techniques to stimulate the imagination.

What is an immersive room?

An immersive room is an immersive space where techniques are used to help you envision things that are not there. Unlike watching a video or reading a website, stepping into an immersive room makes you feel like you are actually there.

Envision your new building project in 3D, even being able to walk through it. Or how about meeting with a new client and immediately being able to fully show what you are capable of? An immersive space closes the gap between imagination and real life.

Applications of an immersive room

An immersive room has more applications than we can mention. Rather, here are just a few examples to get your imagination going.

  • Turn an ordinary meeting room into one where all necessary data is projected on the walls
  • Walk around in your next house or real estate project
  • Visually work with data in immersive workspaces
  • A virtual showroom of your latest products
  • 360 degrees area mapping
  • Provide an interactive backdrop to your product presentation
  • Take education to the next level
from imagination to reality

How to use an immersive space

An immersive room takes an experience and takes it to the next level. Don't just put blueprints on the table, how about a 3D-rendered building instead? And why use Powerpoint when you can use something truly special?

Expandable products are suitable for use as an immersive room. Their movability and quick set-up time make it the perfect companion, for example as a roadshow trailer. If you are interested in similar vehicles, you can check out our exhibition trailer and experiential marketing trailer.

Get your own immersive room today

Expandable offers three distinct products – the trailer, the hybrid, and the container. Each of those is more than capable of turning into an immersive room. Whether you do it yourself or we do it for you, there are plenty of options available.

Maybe you want led screens, touchscreen displays, or an immersive sound system. We can also help you with essentials like air conditioning and heating, adjustable led lighting, and various door options.

Do you want one solution to make your mobile store more accessible, user-friendly, and versatile? Take a look at our previous applications to get your creative juices flowing, or contact us for more information. We are happy to make your vision come alive – order today and receive your brand-new trailer within just three months!

VR expandable mobile space

Expandable immersive room

From imagination to reality 

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