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People are bombarded with all sorts of marketing outings – inviting them to buy things, apply for a job, or other types of clickbait. Most of them are cold and distant, whereas marketing needs to be close and personal. This is where experiential marketing comes in, something our trailers are perfect for.

What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing, also called engagement marketing, is all about creating an experience that engages customers with your product or brand. Immersing people in your brand experience forges a valuable emotional connection that improves their engagement with your company and products. Experiential marketing has seen a huge rise over the last couple of years because it allows companies to reach new customers outside of their traditional channels. Experiential marketing is the best way to create customer engagement and loyalty.


inside a expandable trailer

We realize that affordable and spacious extendable trailers are not easy to come by.

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Benefits of an experiential marketing trailer

  • Link between product and emotion – how people feel about your product is more important than merely knowing your product; go for a strong emotional connection with your product
  • Personal engagement – forge a real human connection and treat visitors like the people they are, not as a potential sales prospect
  • Positive customer interaction – the more (connected) touchpoints you create, the more powerful and binding they become
  • Social shareability – create a powerful visual experience as well, one people are likely to share on social media networks

Successful experiential marketing

Expandable trailers and containers exist in various shapes and sizes. That makes them perfect to use in a wide range of applications! We often see marketing trailers, hospitality trailers, pop-up stores and promotional trailers deployed as a valuable tool in experiential marketing.

The internal space of the trailer can be fully integrated into its interior design, its glass walls and a variety of door options providing easy accessibility. On top of that, a bevy of available options allows you to customize the trailer to your exact needs. The best way to connect with people is to give them the experience they want!

What works for you?

Expandable provides custom solutions, built from the ground up with modular options. This ensures a quick delivery; from initial contact to fulfilment in 2 to 3 months! We supply containers, trailers, and hybrid solutions – this way we can anticipate your needs and provide the best option for you.

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