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Wim Noorman, CEO of Eurotech Sports & Events, has been active in the field of sports innovation since 1991 – the year Eurotech was founded. This is the story of how the man who reinvigorated the Dutch national bob and sled union (BSBN) also supplied the finish line for the cycling Amstel Gold Race. For Noorman, this was a long-cherished wish that finally came true. With help from Expandable.

Always looking to innovate

Noorman has always maintained ties to top-class sports. “That’s where it all started for Eurotech”, he claims. “I have always been one looking for innovations; how to do something quicker, smarter, cheaper, better.” Noorman has had experience in sports innovation such as cycling, auto racing and (bob) sledding. A few years ago, he started supporting the Dutch national team – which even resulted in an Olympic bronze medal in the hands of skeleton athlete Kimberley Bos.

Innovation doesn’t stop there. “At Eurotech, we look for solutions that simplify things for various markets”, Noorman continues. “Innovation is all about combining different solutions into a single package. That about sums up the origin story of our full HD led screen that served as the finish line arch at the latest Amstel Gold Race in Limburg.”

Multi-purpose trailer

“I had an idea for an expandable trailer”, Noorman continues. “Turns out there was this company who had already developed this concept. For me, it was only natural to join forces with them. Combining an expandable trailer with led screens opens up a whole slew of possibilities. It can serve as a jury trailer, studio trailer, merchandise trailer, presentation trailer or a trailer for time registration at cycling events – just to name a few.”

Noorman’s latest innovation is the full HD led screen that serves double duty as a led wall finish arc, as could be seen at the finish line of the Dutch Amstel Gold Race this April. It has 62 m2 of floor surface and is outfitted with a multi-part 32 m2 led screen. “We converted an Expandable VIP trailer into a trailer that can be adapted to the aforementioned applications”, Noorman says. “Expandable’s focus is building trailers. They calculated how much the chassis had to be reinforced to hoist a 10 ton led arm. This allowed us to open up the roof and install the arm. The hydraulically built led arm packs efficiency and effectivity in a modern-looking package. It has a faster setup and reduces the need to hire other facilities, thereby reducing costs and CO2 emissions.”

An optimal experience

Noorman, a passionate sports lover, was able to share that love thanks to Expandable. “We looked for an innovative way to create a unique experience”, he says. “Expandable possessed the technology to make this dream of ours a reality. Nothing is too crazy for us, but neither is it for Expandable. Working with Berrie is great. He’s a top-class guy; easily accessible and always open to new ideas. Eurotech and Expandable share a common goal – to deliver unique and optimal experiences. Our collaboration is both self-evident and promising.”

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