expandable slide out broadcast trailer

Broadcast trailer for tv, radio, and web productions

Our broadcast trailer gives you the opportunity to distribute audio or video content on the road. Investing in a trailer or container might be the perfect solution to fulfill your outside broadcasting needs. Broadcast trucks are excellent for mobile remote broadcasting, pre-, live-, and post-production, as well as television and radio programs.

A mobile broadcast trailer is used for news gathering and live video and audio broadcasting. Nowadays, it is relatively inexpensive to broadcast live content as fiber is installed at most venues. Along with a lower cost structure, streaming has become increasingly accessible with even less latency than satellite uplinking.

How a broadcast trailer fits your needs

You might have a number of demands when it comes to a mobile broadcast trailer. It needs to be large enough to accommodate a full broadcast setup with space for cameras, lighting, and audio equipment. You may want the trailer to be customizable, with options for adding or removing equipment as needed. Being easily transportable is also a big plus.

One type of mobile broadcast trailer that can meet these demands is an expandable trailer. Our trailers have the ability to expand outward, providing additional space for equipment and crew members. This is useful for larger productions, where a standard trailer isn't big enough to accommodate all of the necessary gear. Create your own space!

In addition, Expandable trailers can also be customized to meet specific needs, with options for adding or removing equipment as needed. This flexibility can be a major advantage for broadcast professionals who need to be able to adapt to different production environments.

television Broadcasting expandable unit

Go live with Expandable

At Expandable, we manufacture affordable broadcast trailers at half the price of our competitors. Next to that, our broadcast trailer can be customized, is expandable, and can be tailored to meet any project’s specifications.

The Expandable trailer has a loading capacity of 165m³, allowing the trailer to be easily transformed into a live broadcasting truck. The broadcast trailer has enough space to implement, among others:

  • a wall of video monitors
  • audio mixers
  • camera control units
  • video servers
  • other necessary broadcast equipment

Our expandable trailers can be set up in a couple of minutes by just one single person. You can install your broadcast trailer studio whenever and wherever you want. This is especially useful for directly creating audio and video content.

Furthermore, our trailers include the following:

  • A flat surface of 65m²
  • Modular wall elements
  • A sleek design
  • Compatible with big and conventional trucks

Choose Expandables’ broadcast trailer

We understand the importance of time and urgency, which is why we have created the Expandable broadcast trailer.

We offer extremely quick assembly times and an optimized production period of 2 months. Moreover, broadcast trailer rental is possible for periods longer than 3 months. Additionally, our craftsmanship and pride ensure premium quality trailers that are reliable and easy to use.

Are you interested in an Expandable broadcast trailer or have any questions about our products? Please contact us so we can provide you with the information you need.

Expandable broadcast trailer

Expandable broadcast trailer

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