Working at Expandable
likes independence 

Starting as a teenager working hours after school, Tim Soetens (36) has been with the team that eventually became Expandable. As someone who began as an errand boy all the way up to the function of team leader he holds now, Tim has experienced tremendous growth. He’d like to tell you himself how this all worked out for him. 

From interest to a real job

“I’ve always been interested in technology and transportation”, Tim says. “It was only logical that I ended up at this company, right here in my village, to earn some extra money. Under Karel van Aaken’s supervision, I started cleaning up the workshop. Working there appealed to me; my interest was piqued! I decided to do a BBL (guided learning) mechanics course – four days of work, one day of school.” 

Tim worked for the company that would later become Expandable. “I specialised in trailer construction”, he adds. “Building bodies, truck-mounted forklifts, tailgates, spoiler sets and truck bodies, to name a few. Over the years, I expanded my knowledge with all kinds of training as well as a welding course.” 

The first Expandable

And then a new challenge came his way – he was asked to help create an expandable container. “It wasn't an Expandable with a capital E yet, but the first outlines were already visible”, he continues. “Engineer Luc Spruyt joined the team. It was a really fun time: developing and trying things out together.  

“It was a prototype, so everything still had to be thought up. We thought of and made everything in-house. Luc called it 'reverse engineering' – starting from drawings and how we envisaged it, and then turning the design into reality. I was given a lot of freedom in developing the Expandable. Just go and do it – that taught me a lot.”

Growing together with the company 

Just as the first Expandables were developed, the company grew as well. Tim can look back on his own development, too. “From my side job, through my education, I grew into becoming a mechanic”, he says. “From second mechanic to first mechanic, all the way to managing a team. I’ve always had the intention to develop myself. I could – and can – do so at Expandable.” 

Tim says that there is still room for that at Expandable, also for recruits. “Expandable is a young company”, he says. “We aren’t there yet; there is always room for improvement. That’s what we’re striving for – together we work on a cool and diverse product. It is fun and informational work; you work together with your team and get used to each other. And in the meantime, you grow too. There are opportunities for everyone!” 

This article was originally written in Dutch to appeal to job seekers. If you live in the vicinity of Eersel and are interested in working at Expandable after reading Tim’s story, please visit our vacancies page to see if there’s something you like! 

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