Mobile showroom trailer for new car model
Corona proof marketing solutions

Oh no, corona – and how to reach your customers anyway

January 2020. The budget is final, the targets are fixed. It will be a wonderful year. Five exhibitions are planned and the marketing machine is running at full speed. Right until March 2020. Online marketing alone is not enough for many organizations. The product must be seen. Explained. Felt. No face-to-face contact with the customer, no sales? If that’s the case, we have a solution. Although these are strange times, our solution isn’t just suitable for today, it’s perfect for tomorrow too. After all, the world has changed. Let’s prepare ourselves for a better and safer tomorrow.

About us

Introducing Expandable, a production company that specializes in creating customizable and mobile spaces that can be easily placed at any location and quickly set up. Their Expandables double in space once unfolded and are perfect for trade shows, pop-up stores, and even healthcare facilities. In this text, they offer a solution for organizations that need face-to-face interaction with their customers amidst the pandemic. Expandable offers mobile road shows that can be bought or rented, DIY units that can be set up easily, and efficient and multifunctional units that can be used for a variety of purposes. We take pride in creating quality products and ensuring that everything is picture-perfect.

Buy or rent your own mobile roadshow

Imagine your very best exhibition stand ever. Everything is there. Heating and cooling, beautiful windows with lots of light, floors, and walls according to everyone's wishes, a private entrance, a toilet for the visitors, the best coffee and everything completely on-brand. This can be yours. For a period of time or forever, your mobile roadshow will be ready at all times.


How many people are working at a trade show? The design, administration and costs, the construction, the people on the floor, the catering, and the marketing. When it’s over, everything is cleaned up and broken down. Only to be built up again, somewhere else. Our units can be set up by anyone. You control everything with one remote control. You still need someone with a truck driver's license, but otherwise, you're set.

"Expandable is the power of simplicity."

– Erik Ras, director of 4DB Roadshows

Extremely efficient and multifunctional

The total cost of ownership is very attractive. Why? You can use the unit for various purposes. Need extra workspace? Expandable. A pop-up store? Expandable. Do you want to go to a fair because of the many visitors? Expandable! Your mobile and completely furnished unit can be placed anywhere. In addition, you are also working very sustainably. A great deal!

On top of your game

Sometimes you have to be on top of your game. An opportunity comes along that you cannot pass up. Or a virus comes along that turns the world upside down and suddenly a lot of test locations have to be created. Expandable is also a godsend for our healthcare. We build everything in series so that we can deliver quickly. Whether you rent or buy. We design, build and customize the units ourselves, right here, in the Netherlands.

Not a sight for sore eyes

“It’s not a sight for sore eyes" is our way of saying that we are secretly quite fond of a pretty picture. Quality and a good story are at the top of our list, but a product sells better if the overall picture is attractive. To really do justice to the overall picture of your company or product, you need more than a colored banner and a pencil tray with a
company logo. We know that and, together with you, ensure that everything is ‘picture perfect’. We promise. Everything.