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Artist trailer – only the best for the best

Want to give your cast a comfortable place to rest and work while on longer-term shoots? With an Expandable Artist trailer, you can keep your artists happy, giving them the privacy they need. Our Expandable Artist trailers can be fully attuned to your or your artists' wishes. And best of all; if your production moves to the next location, the Expandable Artist trailer can just move along.

At the press of a button by one single person, your trailer is ready to welcome its guests within just 15 minutes. Perfect for any production that requires multiple shooting locations!

Ultimate space with the Expandable artist trailer

If you are looking for an artist trailer, our Expandable trailers are the golden choice when it comes to being spacious, user-friendly, and qualitative. With a flat walking surface of 65m², our trailers can easily be transformed into an artist trailer accommodating one or multiple artists. Each compartment is fully furnished with a bed, sofa, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet facilities. This will keep your actors satisfied for sure.

Our Expandable products have a sleek design and can be lowered to provide easy and safe access to artists and actors. The Artist trailer can optionally be equipped with a built-in heating and cooling system to enhance comfortability even further. Not to forget, all our trailers are compatible with big and conventional trucks.

Artist trailer for sale at Expandable

If you are looking for a top-notch artist trailer, our Expandable is just what you need. Our Expandables are carefully manufactured with extremely quick assembly times. With only 2 months of production time, we will deliver your new trailer right before your next production.

Our trailers can be used for a variety of purposes in the movie industry. You might also be interested in our film set trailers or make-up and hair trailers.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Please contact us, so we can provide you with the information you need.

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Expandable artist trailer

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