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Transform Your Space

Fast, Affordable & Movable

Choose Expandable; affordable, customizable mobile trailers and containers with short delivery times. Our advanced technology ensures effortless installation, wherever you are.

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Expandable Hybrid

Flexibility with a safe low step

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Expandable Trailer

Lots of space in a flexible package

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Expandable Container

One container, three flavorsendless possibilities

Container 25ft

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Container 30ft

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Container 44ft

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"I received full cooperation from Expandable for this wild idea I had. Our working relationship is very good, and the end result is a fantastic trailer."

Wim Noorman - Eurotech Events

Since Wim Noorman of Eurotech Sports & Events has been active in the field of sports innovation all his life, it was natural that he eventually ended up with Expandable. Innovation and simplifying matters are things they have in common. Wim would like to show you the fantastic result of this collaboration.

The Benefits of Expandable Trailers

Easy setup

We manufacture user-friendly movable spaces. You don’t have to be a technical expert to operate our Expandables, thanks to the user-friendly hydraulic system and our handy wireless remote control. 

Short delivery time

The efficient use of materials and systems allows us to considerably reduce manufacturing time, guaranteeing short delivery times while minimizing our global footprint.


Our unique Expandables are constructed almost entirely from serially manufactured components, keeping construction costs low.

A spacious sports-themed expandable container, perfect for storing and transporting athletic equipment

Create Expandable products in real time and explore them wherever you are!

View them from any angle and see how they actually look using the Augmented Reality (AR) option.

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The Expandable Solutions Whitepaper

Thank you for your interest in our company and our products! What are the benefits of these and what makes us so special or different? Those are two completely different questions, but we can answer those for you all the same. For that, please download our whitepaper to find out more about our products and about Expandable.
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